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Food and kitchen waste are valuable raw materials – ReFood enables clean, productive use.

Fries that don’t get eaten in a restaurant or out-of-date yoghurts on the supermarket shelf are just two examples of organic material from the food chain – ReFood as an innovative waste disposal company makes exclusive use of those materials in the interests of sustainability.
Due to the energy it contains in the form of carbohydrates, sugars and fats, such waste should not be regarded as useless but rather as a valuable raw material. ReFood converts food waste that would otherwise be composted and far less well utilised into environmentally friendly energy.
Did you know that…

  • our biogas plants produce reliable energy in the form of electricity and heat?
  • our fermentation product is marketed as DynAgro, a high-quality organic fertiliser for agricultural use?
  • used frying fats and cooking oil are basic ingredients for producing environmentally friendly biodiesel?

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